Castiglion Fiorentino is a small village in Tuscany. The best compromise between being in a well connected place to the major cities around and having the more relaxing vacation you can expetc.

Castiglion Fiorentino is one of the oldest villages in the area for his strategical position, it overlooks the Val di Chiana and is surrounded by Tuscan gems of tourism such as Cortona, Pienza, Monte Sansavino, and Lucignano. The access to the village is by two big medieval doors and it’s still sourronded by the old imressive  medieval walls.










Since Castiglion Fiorentino is located on a steep hill all the squares have a unusual shape that makes the village very characteristic, the more regular is the city hall square “Piazza del Comune” where you can find a nice arcade from the renaissance none  the less very refresshing in the summer.











In the highes area of the village there is the old fortress and the big tower, all the area has free access. In the same area there is the small local museum with paintigs by Taddeo Gaddi e Bartolomeo della Gatta. The entire village can offer breathtaking views between narrow streets and traces of an old fashoned way to live by locals. There is an incredibile amount of small churches (some in state of disrepair) that can let only imagine how complex could the social dynamics be just few decades ago in that place. Every  3rd Sunday of June the town get a bit crowded, the horses race called  “Palio” ( like the famous Palio di Siena) takes places, during that time you can recognize the districts by the colored flags on the wals and windows.