Cortona is the main Village int area, it’s just 10 km away from Castiglion Fiorentino ( 30 minutes by bus because of the winding road). The village has medieval origin, at the top of the village there is a old fortres very scenic.  The main drag is packed by modernantiques and art shops, some of the restaurants are famous abroad the area.  Many vips  like to live in there and the village is salso famous to have been the set of the movie “under the Tuscan sun”  with Diane LaneAnother noticeable point of interest  are the San Francesco monastery few kilometers outside the city and the etruscan museum and the egyptian museum in town.

Basically in cortona you can find everything you need for any kind of day trip, from  steep narrow streets up the the panoramic point to the fashionable main drag, from typical to upscale restaurants, from gelato to some finest modernantiques  and art shops in Tuscany.


Una guida su cosa vedere a cortona